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Trevor Gibbs Model Railroad Page

 Updated 8th October 2008

Why this Page? A few years ago now I was teaching at TAFE and had to do a Web Page section. A few students were dragging their feet so I spun off the last few photos in my wife’s camera, took them to be developed and picked them up at 8:30 on a Friday night. By 10:30 that night I had written most of what you see below as an exercise and uploaded it all 30 minutes later. Although I am happy to show my work and share ideas as well as welcome contact etc, it was NOT an exercise in my ego to boast about what I have done This page has come in very useful to make good contacts and friends over the world which it was not necessarily intended for… but works out well anyway. Each of the other pages in this series took a couple of hours each to do in total including checking and in the case of the schematic drawing, all the diagrams!









Ersatz Ground Signals














 This page shows a few different views of my Model Railroad which is based in the main on a 4 x 8 plan by E. E. Seely in a Model Railroader way back about 1973. The trackplan was so good in its operational outline that I actually built three layouts to much the same plan, once in HO extending the trackwork to a 4 x 10 plan, once in N in 3 x 6, and again in HO to 4 x 8 with an extension fiddle yard being added once it was located in my garage. My main limitation was space but wanting to work in the larger scales... but operationally it does a lot! The original layout was in the house but the children strangely enough needed bedrooms! The theme is Canadian but it could be anything... anywhere anytime with a discrete change of buildings, cars and rolling stock. And anytime, I want to go back to Canada, a few steps out to the shed and I'm there! I have a lot of generic Australian and US cars as well and always a project or two to do. It will never be finished and I will probably never have the time needed to finish it. However it's a hobby, and the healthy part is that I can walk away from it for quite some time when I need to. Currently I have a few steam engines which I will "Canadianise" such as the Life Like 0-8-0 and the Bachmann 2-8-0 which will become a Central Vermont 2-8-0 as well as a Mantua 2-8-4 which because of prototype may become a "could have been…" I will update the Steam Engines photos as they get done! The Mantua engine needed a can motor but what it misses in detail certainly make up for in running ability and I don’t have any problem equating it to an SAR 720 class! Hope you enjoy the views offered here...


The CP RAIL F7 on the left and the GP-9 second from the right are the only factory painted jobs you will see here. The others were painted (dare I say this) over 25 years ago. This is purely a pose but all east bound freight trains originate in this yard from this direction with the passing siding for this station used when there is a short freight or a transfer run to a station "down the line" is made.


The back view of the yard with a West bound freight leaving the "Eastern terminus" known as "Ridgehaven" . The same yard doubles as St. Agnes as the "Western end" where this train terminates. Normally one train runs either East or West while the switching for the next run takes place in the yard. Laps of course make up the mileage and three laps is roughly a scale mile ( I can't quite get used to Kilometres for Model Train speed) The place names I use are from South Australia in an area where I spent the happier part of my teenage years. And they sound reasonably Canadian don't they? The station building here is an Airfix building which was on an outdoor layout of Greg O'Shea, a club mate from the O Gauge club in Adelaide so it is naturally weathered.

The same train at the back of the layout... it would normally run on the outer track apparently "Southpaw" to our North American friends while switchers get the next train either East or West ready on the inner two tracks which is the combined "end terminals" or division points... as if the switchers care where they are!  


A REAL PIKE SIZED PASSENGER TRAIN... the Canadian it is not but on a layout this size, it is about right!. The second Railcar in the back was at one stage painted like a South Australian Bluebird but I didn't like it that much... just kept the yellow pilot on it... The RDC1 and RDC3 have now been made into a CN units .. In the meantime those passengers don't worry if they miss the train... they just wait for it to do a few laps!

That poor guy painting the loco depot. I was doing some painting at the time and found the model guy in this pose. I worked out later that he was supposed to be carrying a crate on his shoulder but I didn't spot the crate when I unpacked the figurines... and he reminded me of me at the time! Look closely for the HO scale sash brushes and touch up paint tins... Only kidding!!!

Well I hope you have enjoyed your introduction to my little world.  I have further pages which you can follow including my steam update and my rebuilding program starting with the Mehano Technika pacific. You can keep check on this as I add links to other railfan pages very soon. I picked up the photos a few hours ago and have them scanned, and this written so I guess it will be updated soon. Feel free to collect a Railroad E Pass... you can just click on the following image and copy it. This is my improved version as of July 2004 but wo knows... there could be another one!!!.  

My thanks to Peter Borcherds for a little assistance in how to incorporate this pass. If you would like a personalised numbered version, just email me. If you have one, please send yours in a JPG or GIF format and who knows, I might add it to a page.

You might like to check out My Follow on pages from the menu at the top of the page including further pictures of my layout or my rebuilding projects or follow through to the sections where I am writing up using a lathe for model building purposes … with hopefully more to follow!

I have also written a synopsis of the layout showing a track plan and a schematic of sorts as to how it is run… which hopefully most of you will be able to follow!

There is also the circuit on the transistor inertia throttle which I have built for my main line and walkaround operation

I have also put on an article or two that I never submitted for Model Railroader onto Web Pages… they are raw but could be helpful to you none the less. How to Calculate Scale Speed very inexpensively is here while my Ground Signal Construction is itself under construction at the moment but I am on a roll with writing pages so it should be soon. Please write to let me know what you think with positive comments, suggestions or criticisms… or if you are a magazine editor and you would like to publish such brilliant writing ;)    

If you would like what I consider to be a very good simulator for your PC then check out and and follow the appropriate links. This is an excellent program and best of all its free! Check it out!

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