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Model Railway Express


This is a Collection of useful website found by readers of MRE magazine only in order of receipt. Enjoy!!!  Hopefully you will find heaps that will help you and you will also contribute a small review of what the site has...

Please send your found links for this segment to for inclusion to Model Railway Express

SCALE RULES  This is the site of the Chimera Gorge Western  (Model) Railroad offering Printable Scale Rules in HO, N and O scales ins long and short ( to fit A4) versions.

For OO, you could download either a HO rule and upscale it using MS Word or similar so that 4mm = 1 foot or an N Scale rule and on the basis of 2mm = 1 foot, double the size of the rule again using a word processor or Publisher Program and you have your 4mm foot scale.

FREE PAPER CUTOUT CONTAINERS  This site is in German but very well illustrated so language is not a barrier. It  is intended for Card cut outs of containers.

I would presume these would have been intended for model ships but of course it is useful to us. It has a number of printable paper patterns for containers in universal schemes albeit in HO and N.

You could scale it up for OO or use the printouts to force perspective with the smaller scale in the background and give yourself added depth. You could also mount the containers around wooden blocks or styrene boxes for transporting on flat cars and wagons.

NOTE  - That Freightliner cut out download page is available in English too:  (Thanks to John Peck for this)

ALL SORTS OF STUFF INCLUDING PLANS AND CUTOUT BUILDINGS  Has all sorts of links including simple track plans, cut out buildings etc in a myriad of scales and types. Granted that most of the buildings are not super detailed  creations on this site but there is no reason for you not to have a go at detailing any of them

For something completely different:

TURNTABLE DRIVE MOUNTING This is from the Emporia club in the US. I had my turntable operating but the gear stripped and I have had to consider changing the drive means but wondering how to support it best. This page shows a very interesting way to have an adjustable drive mechanism and at first glance possibly solves a few other problems for me as well!  and   www.xdford.digitalzones.comcheck out Simple Model Street Lights and Simple to make LQ (Lower Quadrant) Signals.

TEXTURES has a range of various textures, building fronts, backdrop sky panels and other textures that can be printed and placed on your layout in a different range of resolutions

Railway Company Sites Mikkel Kjartan's Great Western Railway site has links to a number of GWR layouts and projects from GWR modellers around the world. An entertaining read through. As he asks in the first stage, "Why would an American with nearly 40 years modelling in H0 suddenly have a craving to switch to British 00 and model a town in Cornwall he'd never seen?" You can find out on this site. On the subject of foreigners modelling, Paul M in New Zealand has an LNER site with different aspects of the LNER. The Historical Model Railway Society and transfers, which are available for rolling stock, are on this particular page. The Methfix and Pressfix transfers were interesting.

is a site that shows how to make a power supply suitable for a model railway. The other pages show a few tricks with modular layouts and using switches for point ( turnout) control as he uses it.

MAKING BACKDROPS US Based, has a rather interesting approach to painting backdrops and shows framing as well as a few versions of track plans.

WEATHERING AND GRAFFITI TUTORIAL shows a weathering and graffiti making tutorial on a US style tank car. The weathering looks effective up to the graffiti stage (probably I would never put graffiti on my own trains... call me a dinosaur if you will) but the weathering tips up to that point are fairly effective.

FITTING BUILDINGS INTO UNUSUAL AREAS Also from the Trains and Model Railroader Forums an interesting for merging building fronts into backdrops as an "Idea for an odd shaped space or a building flat." Read it closely as some of the linework on the baseboard make it a little confusing!


This is a page with coloured building material papers which can be sized to fit your
space and scale using paint and a word processor or publisher program to join or enlarge the pictures as necessary.


And here is another source of paper containers. They seem to be sized for N scale if my translation of Dutch is right but they can be re-sized using a Publisher or Word Processor program to your scale needs. There are some excellent contemporary containers in this group and, from what I can see, some are slightly weathered


While these are from Illinois, there are a few buildings in this cut-out range which could pass for British buildings. You could even overlay the signage with your own to give the building a more local (to you, not me) flavour. Thereare even some 'colour yourself' type buildings.

ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS I found this website some time ago for electrical and electronic circuits related to model railways. Please treat electricity carefully and, when it comes to mains connections, if you are not sure what you are doing, get an electrician to check your work.

MODEL SIGNS A number of signs through Michael Tylick who is something of a scenery and traction buff in the USA. The signs are more US based but some would be applicable to British layouts and most could be used as a background detail or in a smaller size so it is not quite so patently obvious that it is a non British sign.


You might also like to check out "Hints and Tips" as well as "What Every British Layout Should Have "also being aids to your modelling...